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Privacy is very important to us. In the following document, we tell you which personal data we process, why we process it, how long we keep your information, and what your rights are.

Who is the administrator?

The personal data manager is VULCANUS design s.r.o., Lazecká 344 / 4A, 779 00 Olomouc, IČ: 05878926, DIČ: CZ05878926. The company is registered in the Commercial Register kept by the Regional Court in Ostrava Section C, File 69665 (hereinafter “Administrator”).

How can you contact us?

In case of inquiry please use tel .: +420 602 166 276 or e-mail:

When do we process your personal information?

We process your personal information when you submit a contact form, make an order and sign up for our newsletter, as defined in Regulation (EU) No 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the Protection of Individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95 / 46 / EC (General Regulation on the protection of personal data) (hereinafter referred to as "the Regulation").

In the case of sending a contact form, we process the following personal data:

  • E-mail address
  • Name and surname
  • Phone number

This personal data must be processed to create a service offer, negotiate this offer, or respond to your query. Such processing is permitted by Article 6(1)(a)( b) of the Regulation. This personal data will be processed by the Administrator during the negotiation of the contract, no later than 1 year from your request unless you agree to further processing.

In the case of an order, we process the following personal data:

  • Name and surname
  • Company name (optional)
  • ID and VAT (optional)
  • Street and number
  • City
  • Postcode
  • Country
  • Phone number
  • Email address

We process this personal data to send the order and store it in our online shop and accounting software. Such processing is permitted by Article 6(1)(a)(b) of the Regulation. We will process this data for as long as the law provides.

We use the email address to send business communications. You can always unsubscribe from being sent business messages by clicking the unsubscribe link in the e-mail footer. We assume that another offer of similar goods and services may be of interest to you. Such processing is carried out on the basis of our legitimate interest permitted by Article 6(1)( f)  of the Regulation.

In case of subscribing to the newsletter, we process the following personal data:

  • E-mail address

We process this personal data to send you business messages based on your consent. Such processing is permitted by Article 6(1)(a)(a) of the Regulation. We will process your personal data for 5 years.

Who else can access your personal information?

The administrator works with other entities (processors) who can access your personal information.

This processor can also access your personal information:

  • Website admin
  • Mailchimp
  • Toptrans
  • PPL

What are your rights?

Please note that under the Personal Data Protection Act you have the right to:

  • ask us for information about how we process your personal data, possibly request a copy of this personal information,
  • request an explanation regarding the processing of personal data,
  • request access to this data and update or repair this data,
  • require us to erase this personal data - but this deletion will result in termination of the negotiation of the contract and will only be made if the interests of the joint administrators do not outweigh your privacy,
  • In case of doubt about compliance with personal data processing, please contact us or the Office for Personal Data Protection, or the court.


Cookies are short text files created by a web server and stored on your computer through a browser. When you return to the same site later, the browser sends the saved cookies back and the server gets all the information you have previously stored. The vast majority of websites use cookies for their business.


Cookies can be broken down by who is placing them on the web, i.e.:

  • First party cookies - their validity is limited to the domain of the site you are viewing. These cookies are considered safer.
  • Third party cookies - they are placed using a script from another domain. Users can then be tracked across domains. They are often used to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising channels.

Depending on the durability, cookies can be divided into:

  • Short term cookies - deleted from your computer when you close your browser.
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We can use cookies as follows:

  • Technical – To allow basic site features (e.g., sign-in) or sites (e.g., play videos, share content)
  • Analytical - Used to collect non-anonymous data about user behavior. Based on this, we can modify the site to make it more usable.
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  • Conversion – to evaluate the success of our campaigns.


We use these cookies on our site:

  • Technical - first party, short-term. They provide the basic technical functionality of the site, i.e. signing in, using services,
  • Google Tag Manager - the service is solely for easy management of tracking codes, it does not use any cookies itself and does not record any data. Terms of Data Processing by Google Tag Manager.
  • Google Analytics – first party, long-term. They are used to generate anonymous site usage statistics. Google LLC is the editor of the cookie data. Terms of Data Processing by Google Analytics.
  • Google AdWords - First party, Long Term, Remarketing, and Conversion. AdWords Data Processing Terms.
  • Sklik - third party, long-term, remarketing, and conversion. Our website uses retroversion technology from Sklik operated by, a.s. This allows us to show visitors who have already shown interest in our products our ads on the ad network, a.s. Terms of Data Processing by Sklik.
  • Facebook Pixel - First Party, Long-Term, Remarketing, and Conversion. Terms of Data Processing by Facebook.
  • Hotjar - first party, long-term, analytical. The tool allows us to capture user behavior on the web, which helps us find and fix bugs in the usability of the site. The service is set up so that it does not record personal data. Hotjar is the maker of cookie data. Terms of Data Processing by Hotjar.

We never give cookies sensitive or personal data. We can place a user ID in cookies, but that does not allow third parties to identify a particular person.



You can delete cookies in your browser - usually under the "History" of the pages you visit.


Browsers allow you to block cookies on your computer. In such cases, the functionality of these pages will be limited. For information on how to set cookies in your browser, visit the browser's specific browser pages:



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Google Analytics is enhanced by Google's related advertising features, namely:

• Display reports on the Google Display Network,

• remarketing (displaying ads on the content network based on viewed products),

• extended demographics (reporting of anonymous demographic data),

• user id - a Google Analytics feature that allows you to measure and analyze cross-device behavior. For user id we use a string of numbers or letters, we never use personal information to allow third parties to identify a particular person.

Learn more about data processing and usage in Google's terms of service.



If you do not want to provide anonymous Google Analytics data, you can use Google's plugin. Once installed in your browser and activated, data will no longer be shared.