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This Rotisserie will expand the capabilities of your Vulcanus grill and provide maximum grilling capability, so you can look forward to countless ways of food preparation.


Grill kebab, chicken, turkey, goose, duck, piglet, lamb, or a whole pork leg. The imagination knows no limits.

The uncompromising capacity of the motor (accessory) is 40 kg. All parts of the Rotisserie are made of solid stainless steel for maximum durability. 

Our Rotisserie has fifty positions and four needles, for maximum variability when securing the food. As a standard, the assembly is equipped with a crank that can be locked in six positions, or replaced with a motor (accessory) in seconds.

The main legs of the Rotisserie have positions ready for an ASADO grilling system or our Trim Rack accessory.

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