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“My name is Ondřej Kovář, and meeting around an outdoor grill with family or friends is one of life’s greatest pleasures. This is why I’m bringing you the Vulcanus outdoor grill,” says Ondřej, explaining his motivation to manufacture this grill with its unique design.

Vulcanus originated by bringing together honest forging skills with a love of good food. It will become your outdoor kitchen and symbolize good company, heart-warming experiences and memories that will never fade.

Ondřej put everything into its manufacture – his knowledge, experience, feelings, vision and memories. And today we hope it will give you too pleasure for many years to come, and that you will never find yourself sat beside it outside with good food alone – unless of course that’s what you have in mind!

Why the name Vulcanus?

We called our grills after the Latin name for the Roman god of fire and the patron of all smiths – Vulcanus. According to myths, Vulcanus, or Vulcan as we know him today, had his forge in the core of an active volcano. Going back to earlier Greek myths, he was a smith who forged the jewelry and weaponry for the gods on Mount Olympus.

His wife was his muse, none other than Venus herself – worshipped in ancient Rome as the goddess of beauty. Inspired by her, Vulcanus imbued his artefacts with beauty, passion and sensuality.

Our flame grill shares its divine namesake several symbols:

  • Fire – the source of heat and a convivial atmosphere.
  • Honest forging skills, functionality, long life and the beauty of the grill.
  • Ondřej Kovář himself, who is a gifted fine-art smith and superb cook.

Cooking options

You can prepare food on Vulcanus grills all year round. Eggs for breakfast, steaks for lunch and a pot of goulash in the evening to share with friends or family.

Cook yourself some meat, vegetables, cheeses, sausages and eggs. Thanks to the different heat zones, you can leave a steak to rest while preparing fresh vegetables.

Steel cooktop

For cooking meat, fish, vegetables, dough, cheeses and eggs. It can also be used for cooking in a pot or pan.

Central cooking grid

The central cooking grid has two positions, either for grilling in direct flame or over hot embers. It can be raised or lowered using an extension, which is also fitted with a circular holder for a cast-iron pot or wok. Just as you can put cookware on the cooktop, this holder will take various types of pots and pans.

What is COR-TEN?

The body of a Vulcanus grill is made from a special high-quality steel called COR-TEN, with a ruby-colored patina. COR-TEN was originally used mainly in ship-building, because of its resistance to wet and saline environments. So you needn’t worry about leaving your grill out in the rain, frost or snow. It’s natural, environmentally friendly, and will always look as good as new.

  • Unique patinated appearance.
  • Minimal maintenance.
  • Resistant to all environmental impacts.
  • 100% environmentally friendly.

Other benefits of Vulcanus

Slow heat-release material

You can enjoy grilling on your Vulcanus all year round. It has superb thermal stability and lower fuel consumption compared to other grills. This is ensured by the 38 kg slow heat-release panels, precisely shaped to line the fire chamber.


The cooktops and cooking grids of Vulcanus grills have a certificate of EU food contact compliance. Using them to cook food is therefore 100% safe and there is no need to be afraid of any harmful substances being released into the food during grilling.

Made in Europe

We import the COR-TEN from Italy, where they have a wealth of experience with the material and its resistant properties. The ceramic slow heat-release core is custom manufactured for us by a German company. The grill itself is made here in the Czech Republic, largely by hand.